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7am to 10pm
(Lounge until midnight earliest)
Brickfield Lane, Boughton-under-Blean, Faversham ME13 9AJ
01227 788006


12pm to 10pm
Unit C4, The Riverside, Kingsmead Road, CT1 1BN
01227 467893

Our Story

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The Korean Cowgirl White Hat


Why the f#ck are you called the Korean Cowgirl?


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Two well travelled friends wanted to share their favourite flavours with the world

Now there is so much great food around the world that it made the task of keeping the menu simple, really hard.

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. . True low and slow smoked BBQ, cooked overnight over only real wood

Hailed from the deepest darkest Texas; for when it comes to BBQ Brisket, there is only one true master.

Texas Land
True Low and Slow Smoked BBQ
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AND . . . Korean Fried Chicken, extra crispy double fried & hand-brushed with flavour

Our mission is to bring the joy of the authentic Korean fried chicken comfort food and share it with the world!

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East Meets West - KoreanKorean Fried Chicken
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We obsessively perfected our signature sauces and meat rubs

Whilst our beloved smoker runs 24/7 to bring you the juiciest, tastiest smoked meat this side of the Atlantic!

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Yeehaaa!Perfected our Signature Sauces
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. . . and you lot have been loving it ever since!

Our restaurants are at the new Riverside complex and in Canterbury, Cave Hotel. Come see us!

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Loving It Ever Since

What is a Pitmaster?

Alright, let’s talk about our Pitmaster – the genius!

The Pitmaster, armed with a finely tuned radar of sight, sound, smell, and touch, is like a barbecue ninja, ensuring that our smokers temperature is on point.

When it comes to stoking those flames, they’re no amateurs. They know precisely when to add their secret blend of aromatic woods to keep that fire roaring. And let’s talk about their rubs and sauces – it’s not just a slap-on affair; it’s an art form. They’re turning raw meat into a symphony of flavours, a culinary masterpiece.

So, here’s to the Pitmaster – the wizard behind the smoky magic that makes our meat the meat to eat!